Cinetech provides IT solutions that span across the technology requirements of companies in various industries. Some of the solutions that we are marketing include
Shree Lipi

Multilingual Script processor which supports hosts of windows based applications including MS-Word, Corel Draw & Pagemaker.

Shree Samhita
An India language development kit, ideal for developers of software solutions for Indian languages
Artha Lekha

A versatile & advanced accounting software which works in all Indian languages including English.

A Multilingual student admission and fees management software for colleges & schools
Vetan Pranali

A payroll and leave management software which supports all Indian languages

An economical Multilingual suite that supports variety of windows based applications like MS-Word, Corel Draw & Pagemaker.

India Speaks

IndiaSpeaks is the new standard for learning India languages. This revolutionary software allows you to choose the language you wish to learn as also the language you wish to learn from it. Thus you can learn Tamil from Assamese, Punjabi from Kannada, Hindi from Oriya, even Marathi from English and so on.

In all you can learn to speak 15 languages in 210 combinations.


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