Microsoft Technologies
Cinetech has strong understanding of development on Windows. Our experience includes:

Development Tools - VB 6.0 

Data services -OLEDB, ODBC , JDBC & XML

UI - Windows Forms, Windows GDI programming 

Installation - InstallShield 

Front-end Skills
Our technical skills for front-end development provide end-users with an enriching experience of using the Internet. The skills cover

Standard ASP & JSP skills

Flash & Action-scripting

Cult3D (interactive 3D viewing)

Actify (3D viewing of solid-models & sections)

Middleware Skills
Cinetech ensures application goals of robustness, scalability and performance by leveraging leading Internet standards for middleware. They are:

Distributed computing frameworks: J2EE & CORBA

Component technologies. EJB

Application Servers. Websphere, Weblogic, Windows 2000, Tomcat

E-commerce frameworks. Websphere Commerce Suite

Database connectivity: ADO, JDBC

XML Technologies. SOAP, DOM & SAX parses, Web Services

Development languages. VB.NET, Java, C++

Database Management Skills
Cinetech works with industry's leading databases for both structured and unstructured data management needs. The database platforms supported by Cinetech include:

Microsoft SQL Server



The database management skills cover:

Logical and physical design of databases

Object-to-relational mapping

OLAP Analysis and Datawarehousing on MSSQLusing of Microsoft Analysis Services (such as  ADOMD, DTS & DSO) 

Data Migration 

Data Replication


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